Citizens: Show us your community! (Please?)

Calling all professional, amateur, hobbyist, and just-get-lucky-sometimes photographers in the Lakes to Land region: Help!

While of course all the visioning, summarizing, and discussing we’ve done this summer is going to translate into a fascinating read, every great story needs great art to go with it…and we think you’ve got some. I mean, who could live next to all that gorgeous scenery all the time and not subject at least a little of it to pixelated preservation? Right. So we would love it if you could pry open your archives in search of a few gems that illustrate the beautiful life you’re living in your community – or maybe better yet, slip out for an afternoon of shutter-stalking the peace, beauty, scenery, and serenity you told us about at the visioning sessions. (And have you seen the weather forecast for THIS afternoon, by the way? Sure, we’ll write a note for your boss.)

Please send photos along with caption information (be sure to mention which community is in the photograph) and photo credit to We can’t guarantee that we’ll use them all, but we’ll sure give it a shot.

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