Hey Bear Lake and Pleasanton, what are you doing on August 16?

At last, the moment everyone in Bear Lake and Pleasanton has been waiting for: We have a date for your Vision Session!

If you live in one of those communities, the postcard below should be arriving at your home in the next week or so. This session serves as the primary Visioning for the recently-joined Village of Bear Lake and as a makeup session for  those who could not make the original Bear Lake Township and Pleasanton Township sessions. It will be the last one in this particular neck of the woods, so if you haven’t made your voice heard yet – now is the time!

(And hey…since you’re here anyway, why not take a look around? There are new histories for Bear Lake Village and Lake Township, and we’d REALLY love it if you’d pin your favorite place to the “Your Places” map under the tab of the same name. It’s easy and fun, we promise!)

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