Farm and Food System

The Lakes to Land Regional Initiative identified a need for agricultural vitality throughout the region. Through the Alliance for Economic Success, L2L received a grant from the Department of Treasury Competitive Grant Assistance Program to conduct an inventory of the Farm and Food System in the Lakes to Land region. Project manager Cassi Meitl of Beckett & Raeder spent the summer of 2014 surveying and interviewing agricultural producers, processors, distributors, and consumers as well as compiling research from across the country on best local food practices. The assessment report was completed on August 20, and the Lakes to Land Leadership Team and stakeholders will determine the next steps and appropriate strategies based on the input gathered. Please click the link below to read the full report!

Assessment Report cover


Farm and Food System — 3 Comments

  1. I was wondering if you might want to include a link on your website to the Bob Russell Resiliance Reading Project. They are having an event on Wednesday, August 20th at 5pm at Meadowlark Farm at 6350 E. Linguar Road in Lake Leelanau to discuss the book, ” Rebuilding the Foodshed-How to Create Local, Sustainable and Secure Food Systems.” The discussion will be led by Stephanie Mills-a renowned author and lecturer on bio regionalism, ecological restoration and community econimics. The event is also a potluck apparently. The website for the reading project is It seems like this ties in with the Farm and Food Sytem efforts.

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