Herring Lakes Watershed awarded a Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater grant

Blaine Township Planning Commission Chair Dave Long sends along this happy news update:


“Just wanted you to know that The Herring Lakes Watershed was awarded a SAW Grant by MDEQ to update our Watershed Management Plan to be 319 compliant. This is the number one priority for the environmental goals in the new Master Plan. This is a real win for the township. [We] will be working with Joyfield Township since the Herring Lakes Watershed originates in Joyfield Township.

The SAW grant is administered by Tad Peacock, Director of the Benzie Conservation District. We have had our first meeting to define the work elements of the grant needed to meet the 319 requirements. Our next meeting will set the timeline for completing each task so the revised Watershed Management Plan and the SAW grant will be completed well within the grant time frame.”

Wonderful work, Blaine Township! You are doing us all proud!

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