Notes from the field: Joyfield Township Farm Community Meeting

In early March, the Joyfield Township Planning Commission held a public meeting to ask the farming community two questions: First, what do farms need from planning and zoning to insure their viability? And second, what will make that tool / opportunity / technique successful?

Answers were varied, but a general focus on freedom from regulation was clear. “Let us use our Joyfield16land as we see fit to make a living,” was one succinct response. A need for adequate infrastructure was acknowledged, including good roads for hauling product and more affordable electricity. And inherent tensions between the “working farm” and “rural resort” aspects of the township were dealt with honestly, as when one participant noted that “We don’t always make decisions for business [based] on scenic beauty.”

Joyfield planning commissioners wish to thank all who participated and to invite continued involvement. They would love to see you at Joyfield Township Hall for their meetings, held on the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. A full summary of the meeting is available here: Joyfield Ag Session Results Letter

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