A photographic interlude

As we’ve been over here tappity-tap-tapping on our keyboards to get regional sections finalized and continue work on individual communities’ master plans, we’ve made a really fun discovery: UpNorth Memories by Don Harrison.

Hoping to find a few photos to illustrate the community histories (the ones that are excerpted on each community’s individual page here), we instead tumbled headlong into a trove of photo postcards from all over the state and much of the country, too. It was such an enjoyable romp down memory lane that we put together a little sneak-peek slideshow for you, and we’ll be sprinkling a few of them around the site too. See something you like? Head over to the UpNorth Memories ebay site and chances are good you can become its proud owner. Don’t see something and wish you did? Head over there anyway and look around – it’s probably in there somewhere!

To see a larger version of any image, hover over the slideshow to stop it and then click on the picture.

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